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I've had both really great and really bad experiences while telecommuting, as have a lot of people on the writing-about-testing mailing list. Sometimes the bad experiences come down to inadequate tools; more often, it's because not everybody has bought in to having telecommuters working on an equal footing with people who are in the office.

We put together a generic Telecommuting Policy based on our collective experience. If you are or want to to be a telecommuter; if you're considering or engaged in telecommuting at your workplace, then I think you'd be better off for reading it.



rickscott: Bemused-looking picture of Rick (Default)
Rick Scott


Canadian philosopher-geek who's profoundly interested in how we can collaborate to make technology work better for everyone. He's an incorrigible idealist, an open source contributor, and a staunch believer in testing, universal access, and the hacker ethic.


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