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At the Code4Lib North 2012 Meeting in Windsor, I presented an informal Intro to the Twitter API session and write-up, targeted at folks who are looking to write their first Twitter bot.

Getting started with creating your own Twitter app is not terribly hard thanks to all the solid libraries that are out there; it's just that there are a number of fiddly bits that all need to get lined up together. Hopefully this write-up helps. =)

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At the Writing About Testing Conference I gave a lightning talk on how to give a lightning talk.

I adore lightning talks. They're a great format for beginning presenters, because you get a nice round of applause if things go reasonably well, and you're off the stage in less than five minutes if they don't. They're great for experienced presenters, because you can field concepts without having to prepare a full-on presentation slot. Finally, they're great for audiences because they're information-dense: they pack 10 to 12 new ideas into a single hour of conference time.

Here's my slide deck: your choice of pdf (560K) or odp (292K).

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I gave a presentation at Ignite Sault 3 on testing, bug reporting, and purging our software of the many annoyances that people take for granted. The video isn't up yet -- it will take some time for the all-volunteer ignite crew to edit and render it -- but here's my slide deck for the time being (2.2mb pdf).


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