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Hi all! Welcome to the new home of my former Posterous blog. I've given my reasons for making the switch back there.

All the content that was up on Posterous is present here as well. One change when it comes to commenting (not that I had a particularly strong comment base) is that you'll want to use your OpenID to comment here. If you already have an account at Blogger, Wordpress.com, Typepad, or any of dozens of other services, you already have an OpenID. You're also welcome to just comment anonymously and leave your name in the comment body.

Onwards! There are better things to discuss.


rickscott: Bemused-looking picture of Rick (Default)
Rick Scott


Canadian philosopher-geek who's profoundly interested in how we can collaborate to make technology work better for everyone. He's an incorrigible idealist, an open source contributor, and a staunch believer in testing, universal access, and the hacker ethic.


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