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I created this space because I need to write more about the technical stuff I get up to, and because I need to write more, period. Some really amazing people whom I greatly respect have encouraged me to get going on this, especially when it comes to writing about testing.

There are a lot of different technical areas I'm interested in, and I'm not going to restrict topics here to just one. However, it seems to me that there's a ton of writing "out there" about programming, systems admin, even UI design, but a dearth of writing about testing. I'm the furthest thing from a Great Ghod of Testing, but I *can* share what I've done, what's worked and what hasn't, and people will find some value in that.

So, I had best get writing.


rickscott: Bemused-looking picture of Rick (Default)
Rick Scott


Canadian philosopher-geek who's profoundly interested in how we can collaborate to make technology work better for everyone. He's an incorrigible idealist, an open source contributor, and a staunch believer in testing, universal access, and the hacker ethic.


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