Sep. 26th, 2011

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My latest StickyMinds column: Logic and Software testing.

As technologists, I think we often fail to consider that most everything we do has two sides to it: a technical side, and a human side. Similarly, the digital logic that underpins how computers work is first to mind when we mention logic in the context of software testing, but there's another equally important aspect of logic in software testing: using informal or persuasive logic to reason with other people. Dealing with zeroes and ones is part of our jobs, but so is arguing that a certain bug needs to be fixed, that one feature should have priority over over another, or that a proposed solution should be rejected as unsuitable.


rickscott: Bemused-looking picture of Rick (Default)
Rick Scott


Canadian philosopher-geek who's profoundly interested in how we can collaborate to make technology work better for everyone. He's an incorrigible idealist, an open source contributor, and a staunch believer in testing, universal access, and the hacker ethic.

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