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  • Who Our Users Actually Are (2 Aug 2012): We often have an unrealistic mental image of our users, even though we are technology users ourselves. Society's norms of what a "technology user" looks like are flat-out wrong, and we need to get past them.
  • Hero Culture or Crisis Culture? (6 Aug 2012): We often talk about avoiding a "hero culture", but I think this is a misnomer. The real problem is a culture that encourages a steady stream of crises, each of which requires heroic intervention to solve.
  • Upgrade Your Wetware for Better Testing (9 Aug 2012): Testing is a thinking activity. I'm fascinated by how we can try to make our minds "think better" in order to become better testers.
  • Learning by Osmosis (13 Aug 2012): Few of us get as many formal learning opportunities as we might like -- conferences, seminars, and so forth. If we pay attention to how we spend our time, we can try to take in a little learning and some new ideas every day.
  • When Unencrypted USB Keys Go Missing (28 Aug 2012): Elections Ontario recently lost two unencrypted USB keys containing personal information on as many as four million electors. Good security policies alone won't prevent losses like this -- you also have to ensure they're actually followed.
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rickscott: Bemused-looking picture of Rick (Default)
Rick Scott


Canadian philosopher-geek who's profoundly interested in how we can collaborate to make technology work better for everyone. He's an incorrigible idealist, an open source contributor, and a staunch believer in testing, universal access, and the hacker ethic.

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